what we do

Learn more about how we work with communities to improve resilience in the face of climate change. Our projects aim to enable communities to:


1. save money, take loans and grow sustainable livelihoods

Through establishing and supporting Village Savings and Loan groups, we enable group members to save money and access loans.

This builds resilience and helps people to move away from living day to day to planning for the future.


2. Improve harvests and food security

With the majority of people in Bunambutye relying on subsistence farming to feed their families and earn a living, access to high quality seeds and climate-adaptive agricultural training is important.

Traditional farming methods are often not adequate for the more difficult conditions the communities now face and they therefore have an increasing need to adapt.


3. cope more effectively with disasters

The communities we work with are already impacted by climate change, and sadly we anticipate further disasters such as droughts and floods.

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world in 2020, we supported the community to protect themselves from the virus and the financial impact of government restrictions.


20200226_103843 (1)

I have now saved with Blossom Africa for 3 years, and I have been able to grow maize, beans and rice and plan for things like my children’s school fees. I even bought a goat which has given birth to a kid.

Now I’m thinking about improving my home with a solar-powered light or some chairs.

Community Member

Before Blossom Africa I hired some land using a loan from the bank, but the weather changes meant the crops didn’t do well, and the bank took my garden back.

With the Blossom Africa savings group and training there is less pressure and I’ve been able to buy and keep chickens. I can save to pay for my children to go to school and have more peace with my husband now we don’t worry about money as much.

Community Member