Bunambutye, Uganda

The first community we have chosen to work with is Bunambutye, Bulambuli district, Eastern Uganda. Currently the vast majority of people living in Bunambutye are subsistence farmers.

The weather in Bunambutye is unpredictable with both drought and flooding causing problems for the villagers. In 2013 for example there was not been enough rain and the maize crop withered and died leaving the villagers in a desperate situation as they rely on this crop for food and income.

If the villagers have a good harvest, they have enough food for a short time, however they often sell the majority of their crops to pay for essential items such as medicine and school fees. The sale price of the crop, at the time of harvest is very low due to the abundance of produce on the market.

There are numerous other challenges facing the people of Bunambutye such as poor, access to services and lack of opportunity.

There are over 100 community groups in Bunambutye, however they do not have access to high quality training or support and are therefore not reaching their full potential or capacity. We will strive through our training to develop the skills and capacity of these individuals and groups and enable them to improve their activities, diversify their incomes and own and solve the problems they face within their communities.