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Are you looking for an alternative Christmas present?

From goats and seeds to life changing training, this Christmas give a gift that makes a real and lasting difference to families in Uganda. Donate through our PayPal link below to support one of our projects. Each donation comes with a certificate for you to give as a gift - make sure to opt in to sharing your mailing address on the payment page so that we can send it to you!

Every donation, whether £5 or £50, helps improve the lives of people in the communities we work in, in simple and practical ways:

The gift of seeds

Seeds can provide essential food and even an income for families. In recent years, weather changes have made harvests less reliable and many people in Bunambutye have lost crops, so giving seeds (supported by training in improved farming methods) can improve yields and make a real difference to people like Nakami who we helped this year. She said “I harvested five bags of maize: I sold off three bags to pay school fees for my children and stored the other two bags for feeding”.

The gift of a goat

Your donations will enable the community to start a goat project in 2020. Goats are easy and cheap to care for, they can generate an income and their manure is very good for the land. Having a goat can make a huge difference to a family by diversifying their income and reducing their vulnerability. Evelyn took a loan from her savings group last year to buy a goat and as a result has been able to pay for her children’s school uniforms and books which enables them to stay in school, in previous years she has struggled to find the money for these items.

The gift of training

In rural communities in Uganda it can be incredibly hard to find work and access financial support. Village savings and loan training gives members the knowledge and infrastructure in which to work together to save money and provide loans which can be used to start businesses, buy livestock, improve farming or pay for school or medical fees.

Ben, from one of our savings groups said, “I used to save money with other groups before joining Blossom Africa and their systems were not transparent and the member’s money was misused by the leaders. Joining Blossom Africa became a turning point in my life since they were so organized and decision making is done collectively

We want to grow our programme in 2020 and offer support to more people. Your donation will enable us to make a real and lasting difference to these communities experiencing the devastating effects of climate change first hand.

Don’t forget to tick the box to share your mailing address with Blossom Africa so we can acknowledge your donation and send you your gift certificate.

There are other ways you can support Blossom Africa too:

You could organise an event or undertake some fundraising in your school or workplace.

Or, you could volunteer for us, we would love to have more volunteers supporting us and are currently looking for people who would like to fundraise, support us with administration and marketing or be more directly involved with our project work.

If you would like any further information about supporting us through donating, fundraising or volunteering then please contact us.

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